Artist and Educator currently based in the UK. 

Kellys practice is characterised by a focus on historical and personal narratives, intersecting with wider themes such as gender, social class, identity and intergenerational and hidden narratives, along with exploring the tensions between fact and fiction.

Her work draws on ideas around post-memory, where she has developed a methodology that allows her to visually create a transformation through memory, theory, and history. O’Brien is interested in the photographs relationship to absence and how she can develop a visual language that explores this connection. Investigating the potential ways that absence, invisibility and memory can be used as tools of perception rather than a hindrance to it. O’Brien also investigates how new photographic techniques and the expanding modes of documentary photography can be employed to visually manifest and represent the unrepresentable. 

Kelly obtained an MA in Documentary Photography (Distinction) from the University of South Wales, plus an BA degree in photography from Nottingham Trent University (1st Class Hons). She is also the founder of The Other Collective, a project which aims to champion working class voices within the photography industry.

Full CV available on Request.

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